Tity ‘2 Chainz’ dropped a trippy video to his new single “Grey Area” from 2020’s ‘So Help Me God“. The music video sees 2 Chainz and his real-life dog, Trappy S. Goyard well…doing ‘shrooms together. Chainz experiences what it’s like to be Trappy, and vice versa. The visual end with them waking up from their mushroom-infused day, things going back to normal.

Come to find out, Hip-Hop and psilocybin have some history together. A Cambridge University study found evidence for both “help treat the effects of depression, anxiety…”, in 2014.


Chance The Rapper made “Cocoa Butter Kisses” from his early-career mixtape, Acid Rap, WHILE “high” on ‘shroomies. ASAP Rocky has been vocal publicly about a few of his experiences, stating in a Billboard interview:

Do you wanna talk about the one where I drove around town just laughing at random people for no fucking reason, and came back to the studio full of random people?

Mushrooms are often administered by Shaman’s, and are much more ritualistic, given in a ceremonial manner. Usually, Shaman’s organize retreats. These hubs are said to be ultra-relaxing and cater to the experience outside of mushrooms, also. This is important because according to participants, a “bad trip” can occur when you waltz into the encounter harboring “negative” vibes.

Partakers claim “enlightenment”, but even “Western Science” concurs with the notion that psilocybin initiates “spiritual experiences”. Yet “possession, production and distribution of psilocybin is illegal” in the U.S.

Could this be a case of the government shutting down trade until they can establish control and charge taxes on transactions; e.g. Marijuana and Alcohol? Or could they be smothering spiritual-based movements, like they’ve done in the past; e.g. LSD Movement (Hippies), turning spiritual journeymen into “outlaws” by criminalizing their enlightenment tool of choice. From the CIA buying the world’s supply of LSD, to dispensing it to unknowing Americans as a part of MKUltra’s quest to find mind altering drugs aka mind control…To finding out LSD side effects include soul-searching and eleviates depression. To shutting it down in 1968, for good. The war on psychedelics continues.

Check out ‘2 Chainz’, “Grey Area” below: