Top 9 Slept-On Diss Records All-Time, Part I

We all know “Hit Em Up“, “Ether” and “No Vaseline“. These are lyrical landmarks that created cultural moments, never to forget. Those disses went on to do the quivalent of what would now be going “super-viral”. Not all disses are made equal, though. Even if you hit the mark lyrically, for one reason or another, it may get washed over. Here are 9 diss tracks that were massively slept-on (or at least slept-on as diss tracks).

The Game – My Bitch (Jay Z, 50 Cent, Suge Knight diss)

I was introduced to her back in ’96/ She had a wavy haircut and some big ass lips

This has to be the crown-jewel of slept-on disses. Chuck goes in on Jay Z, Suge Knight and 50 Cent as if they’re women he used to deal with. He now despises these “women” because of character flaws he points out throughout the track. If this song wasn’t so controversial, it would no doubt end up on a Game album. The beat is HARD! The whole approach and lyrics are classic-ish. The “How We Do” rapper doesn’t take a bar off. The Game ain’t based off sympathy.

Gillie Da Kid – Cannon (Lil Wayne diss)

Gotdammit Dwayne Carter/ You kiss Stunna in his mouth, fuck you Birdman daughter?

After parting ways with Cash Money Records, Gillie went on a “F*ck Weezy” campaign. Responding to a supposed diss by Wayne, Gillie proceeded to go off on the BM JR over “Cannon” instrumental. The beat originally appeared on Lil Wayne x Dj Drama‘s 2006 cult-classic mixtape, Dedication 2. This song did great things for GDK’s popularity, while simultaneously souring business relationships. Gil maintains that he was blackmailed, following the record. He and DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz collaboration also never saw the light of day, via F. Baby. Yeah, that’s tough.

Styles P on “Breaking The Rules” Freestyle w/ Sheek Louch & J Hood

“Fuck Beanie Sigel/ Nigga, you can suck my dick with shit on it”

Though we knew the D-Block V. Beanie Sigel beef was on, this Freestyle showed no indication. Everything was normal and went off without a hitch. Sheek spit a dope verse. J Hood followed with some slick lines, none about “beef”. Enter, Styles P; The “My Life” emcee took the cut to new heights, or lows, depending on your viewpoint. The energy he brought for Sigel may only be rivaled by 2Pac‘s classic disses. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to rap. He wants blood, real blood. I’m not assuming. He says it.

Ja Rule “Rap City Freestyle” (DMX & 50 Cent Diss)

Ya problem ain’t wit’ me, it’s wit’ them drugs/ Now you lost a good nigga, DMX, one love

Nobody knows about this diss, or how good of a rapper Ja Rule is. Without all of that being said…No wonder Murder Inc. (the supergroup comprised of Ja, DMX & Jay Z) fell apart. There were rumblings of disagreements, egos colliding, and scheduling differences between all three. This level of disrespect solidified that Ja and X were not exactly seeing eye to eye. One of Rap City’s most electrifying, infamous “booth” performances.

Drake – Two Birds, One Stone (Pusha T & Kid Cudi)

You were the ‘Man on The Moon’, now you just go through your phases/ Life of the angry and famous

Foreshadowing the only battle that Drake arguably lost, Drake took aim at Pusha T on Two Birds. This was no “Duppy Freestyle“. This was a jab. The type of jab that could put you down, if caught slipping. The highlight is Drake taking aim at King Push’s Street credibility, which we’d never seen, by anyone. He also gave Cudi a few bars about being “crazy”, as Cudi checked into a mental facility. Ouch!

Lauryn Hill – Lost Ones

My emancipation don’t fit your equation/ I was on the humble, you on every station

This went over everyone’s head. All three verses were aimed directly at former bandmate, Wyclef Jean. It was such a great song, and a hit, but this could have easily been a mixtape track. L Boogie just has so much commercial appeal in her flavor, anything she does is a potential hit record. Wyclef lost one, then lost another one.

JR Writer – I Got Em (Jay Z diss)

We rich and he’s mad/ That camel needs a cigarette ad

JR may have played himself a little, here. This song was great but he wasn’t well established enough for it to really land. He was punching WAY Up, and it showed in the performance of the record. As far as bars, though, JR may have the illest Jay Z diss to date, not named ‘Ether’. It’s not the greatest rap you’ll ever hear. It’s just solid, and most of all, memorable.

Snoop Dogg “Pimp Slapp’d” (Suge Knight & Kurupt diss)

This nigga’s a bitch like his wife/ Suge Knight’s a bitch, and that’s on my life

Regardless of the harsh tone he takes, this is one of The Dogg’s smoothest songs in history. The infectious hook won’t leave your mind, ever. Suge was on an “L” spree, after losing most of his artists, being sued, and knocked out in a club fight. Snoop decided to throw salt in the womb, and add Kurupt to the body total. Snoop is an underrated battle emcee. He and the aforementioned Philly-born Kurupt actually met battling. Snoop came out the gate penning disses for Dr. Dre, as they trampled Uncle Luke and Eazy-E in tandem. Doggfather don’t play.

J. Cole – False Prophets (Kanye West Diss)

Come to find out, these niggas don’t even write they shit/ Here’s some new style bubbling up, then they bite the shit

A diss record disguised as a street single. False Prophets sees Cole belting out his disappointments with former idol, Kanye West. Kanye’s public image had begin to shatter, and Cole took to Ye’s wounds as a shark would. This dismantling of course, in J. Cole fashion, was the “nicest” of diss records ever recorded.

This is PART ONE. Don’t jump out of your britches if you didn’t see your favorite “slept-on” diss track. If you feel strongly, leave YOUR favorite in the comments BELOW.

G-HOLY, 2021.