“I still got some goals I gotta check off for’ I scram..”

J. Cole Details
J. Cole Details His FALL OFF W/ Upcoming Music

As this roller coaster of a year comes to a close none other than one of Hip Hop’s brightest stars Jermaine Lamar Cole better known as J. Cole has graced his fans with a taste of what he has planned for the future. It was just yesterday where he posted on his social media of him at the studio with a book opened to a page where he wrote “The Fall OFF ERA”.

Continuing down the page there’s a list of crossed out agendas as well as three titles pointing downward towards the preceding title reading; “The OFF-SEASON”, “IT’S A Boy”, to the highly anticipated “THE FALL OFF”. The post caption also read, “I still got some goals I gotta check off for’ I scram..” alluding to possible retirement with this roll out.  While we may have been hearing about his awaiting project “THE FALL OFF” for some time now since he put out his drug themed recordKOD one that reached mass acclaim where he speaks on many different things concerning drugs.

In addition to leaving the fans something to look forward to with the last track being the intro track to “THE FALL OFF”  titled “1985 (Intro to “The Fall Off”)” where we got a sneak peek as to what the album could possibly sound like. As far as retirement goes that still seems to be unclear, J. Cole did an interview with the Players Tribune where he spoke on his moments of feeling uninspired claiming “the hunger was missing” but living a quiet regular life was becoming more fulfilling.

Whether J. Cole decides to retire or not, it’s a good game plan as to what is set for the new year moving forward. The page also reveals that we may not get “THE FALL OFF” for a while since he intends on putting out two projects preceding its release.