Fans were awaiting the annual rap-up from Uncle Murda per usual (or even more), to close the year out and open the new year up. Some fans caught a case of confusion when they typed in “2020 Rap-Up” on Youtube and a 2:20 song played that referenced nothing from this past year in the way that previous versions have.

Uncle Murda Mix Up

G-HOLY staff did a bit of investigation work and found out that the tune that was uploaded under “rap-up” was actually the intro to UM’s new tape “Don’t Go Outside Vol. 3” published under a different name. Whether it was intentional or not is unclear, but there the proper version of the song uploaded under the auto-generated topic channel “Uncle Murda – Topic”.

Uncle Murda Rap-Up Confusion

This 13-minute track seems to be the full-length version with all of the quoteables and exciting, somber, and humorous moments we expected from an Uncle Murda “Rap-Up”, especially for 2020. The mix-up did alter the reception a bit. As we write this (January 1st, 2021 2:23AM pacific time), 56K views and 800+ (mostly negative) comments have went in the direction of the “Intro” uploaded under “Rap-Up 2020 (Audio). Meanwhile, the actual song has 5K views and comments are turned off (for some odd reason).

Either way, you can find the “Intro” below in the ‘DGOV3’ embed via Spotify, and the real “Rap-Up 2020” via “Uncle Murda – Topic” YouTube channel:


And just for kicks, here’s a preview of Virginia veteran and yearly “Rap-Up” concept originator, ‘Skillz’ version for “Wrap-Up 2020”:

And a bonus ‘Skillz’ “Decade Wrap-Up” detailing the last TEN years:

[Sidebar: The “Rap-Up 2020” also doesn’t appear on “Don’t Go Outside Vol. 3”. So, the rap up doesn’t get uploaded by Uncle Murda, directly, then doesn’t even appear on the mixtape they put out to capitalize off the hype of the most annual song, culture-wide? Strange times, my friend. Hopefully, we get an explanation. We’ll keep you posted.]