Bay area staple Guapdad 4000 has teamed up with the illustrious producer !llmind to drop off a melodic new single. The track, titled “How Many”, is a chorus heavy trap track that sees both parties playing to their strengths. There is also an accompanying music video that was released to the official 88rising YouTube channel featuring an assortment of trippy visuals–including Guapdad superimposed inside of a bottle of Rosé and on a pack of Durags. The Chris Simmons directed music video is sure to turn some heads with its dazzling special effects. 

Guapdad spits a chorus revolving around the condemnation of the use of drugs to mask one’s issues, presumably aimed towards a woman that the rapper is involved with: “How many times did you call me? I told you I’m droppin’ it off/How many times I said fuck you? We hungry, I’m breakin’ the law/How many drugs did you do ‘fore you realized you numbin’ your flaws?/How many bottles you bought ‘fore you realized you lost in the saucе?”. He continues on a similar path with the bridge, expressing his need for the previously mentioned woman to be present in his life: “I get you lit when I need to, there’s other bad bitches in my face/But I need you, I always lose count/And I just turn it see through, but nothin’ else matters/If I add it, I don’t complete you”.

“How Many” is the first collaboration between Guapdad and !llmind. Some of !llmind’s previous credits include J. Cole’s “Love Yourz”, Logic’s “44 More”, and Drake’s “You & The 6”. Based off of a Twitter post from the accredited producer, it seems that this single may be a part of a collaborative album between the two artists. The caption for the post reads: “Our first single.. album soon..”. Be on the lookout for a new project landing soon from the duo.

In the meantime, check out the trippy music video for the single “How Many” in the YouTube link below: