Love & Culture, a CoupleCast has reached episode 5! Here is a breakdown of topics Yasin Toure’ (Afrikan Jawn) & G’HOLY discussed in the episode.

1. New Music – Including Kanye West‘s DONDA leak, Nas King’s Disease 2 & Peter Rosenberg’s Real Late. The latter was actually released in June 2021 but just made it to L&C’s radar.

2. Top 5 Rap Groups – Highest ranking rap groups of All-Time, with sliders from music, impact & individual group members solo efforts.

3. Black Men Dating Outside Their Race – A clip surfaced online of a young lady, who said black men who date other races aren’t able to “handle” black women. True?

4. Nick Cannon’s Big FamilyNick Cannon mentioned that he doesn’t buy into the “eurocentric” idea of having just one mother of his children. Is it all good?

5. How To Stay Together – G-HOLY &Yasin Toure’ give advice to couples on how to stay together, as they share some personal history.

6. Gangsters & Civilians – Spawned from a topic that 6ix9ine and Wack100 brought up in their sit down with DJ Akademiks. The meet-up was for his new podcast, “Off The Record“. What actions warrant the title gangster, or civilian?

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G-HOLY.COM, 2021