Let’s not do the intro. Y’all know what we here for:

Jail Feat Jay Z

Rock…ish production. This sounds like a flat out Rock song, at this point. It hasn’t dropped, like 45 seconds in. “Guess who’s going to jail tonight/God gon’ post my bail tonight“. Wow. Relationship Kanye is DIFFERENT! A choir on a song that only consists of 2 guitar riffs: ONLY KANYE. Hov… “DONDA I’m with your baby when when I touch back road/Told him stop all of that red cap, we goin’ home“. “Hova and Yeezuz, like Moses and Jesus“. “God in my cell, that’s my celly/Made in the image of God, that’s a selfie“. TOO Many Quoteables. This isn’t A+ Jay but its B+ Jay, and I’ll take it. He sounds revitalized. Overall, a decent joint. Not what I expected but, hey. Nice instrumental switch on the outro.

Donda Donda Donda (Interlude)

A voice (possibly Teyana Taylor) saying Donda more times than you ever want to hear, or think is possible. Two minutes of one word.

South Carolina feat Pusha T

An actual Donda West speech: Dr. DONDA West, to be exact. She sets the tone. I hear pianos, and Pusha T is on here. It has to be good. HAS TO. Kanye autotune croon. Yeah, this is Dark Twisted VIBES. Styles P & Jadakiss-esque, in & out rhymes. Gospel-type hook. I KNOW this will grow on me. It has a Late Registration feel, with a MBDTF foundation.

Moon feat Kid Cudi, Don Toliver

I’m VERY tired of these “big sounding” records. Kanye needs to leave the stadium, and go to a home studio. Everything here is a spectacle first, and a song last. One minute in, still no drums. This is actually the song Westside Gunn should’ve been on. He would’ve went crazy over this. Conway, too. This has to be an interlude. Where was the song? It’s like nobody had a verse. Whack.

No Child Left Behind feat Vory

Organs…again. Autotune croon…again. Vory repeats “No child left behind“. Seriously, is Vory built into the built? He just doesn’t stand out, at all. Kanye is singing about Jesus, again. “He’s done miracles on me“, Ye repeats at least 8 times. Cinematic finish, complete with crowd claps and cheers. Hopefully, this is not a finished track. This might be more whack than the last one. Nope, I take that back. Nothing beats the last one.

New Again feat Chris Brown

Yeezy is rapping, YES! Graduation-type beat, and rhymes. Kind of took the “Chris Brown” out of Chris Brown, on the hook. Still good, but I don’t get why artists tap other artists to do what they do, then take them out of their element. Chris Brown never needs a chorus choir to back him up, ever. He’s the hook-god for the past 10 years. Overall, this felt good, and unfinished. Maybe he goes back and turns some of the more jibberish rhymes into coherent thought. I like it.

Junya feat Playboi Carti

808’s and organs, in a good way this time. This beat is FIRE! The flows Kanye chose are perfect for this instrumental. “Junya watchin’, I be on my sh*t“. Playboi Carti doesn’t totally ruin it here, but he tries hard. Ye cuts Carti off in the middle of his verse, thankfully, and finishes the last few bars. “Tell the devil good night, go to sleep“. This is the first song I’ve heard that has serious hit potential. That beat is kinda special.

Heaven & Hell/Future Sounds

I’ve heard this, somewhere before. It sounds like one of those audience recorded freestyles that land online. This isn’t recording studio quality, whatsoever. That being said, it’s hot. It’s the Pablo, free-flowing Ye that hits sometimes. This hit. I love it. Even the parts when he is fumbling or just not even saying words, the feeling is conveyed. It’s a really unique bop.

24/We’re Gonna Be OK feat SSC

Dear God, make it alright/Nothing else ever feels right“, the choir bales. “Everybody wanna feel like, everything gon’ be right/New me over the old me/Let it out, let it all out“, Mr West chimes. Okay, this is literally starting to feel like actual church. This is not a song they sing I church, already? Sounds that way. It’s cool, I guess.

Pure Souls feat Roddy Rich

Roddy comes through with the VOCALS! “Hey, the Roddy Rich vocals are in!” (DJ Khaled voice). Roddy Rich’s performance is flawless. Something About his voice, just cut through and sounds great on everything. Still, this is a level above his norm. Kanye comes with the old Kanye flow. Not the old, old Ye, but just the old Ye; Middle Ye. If I never heard another organ, it’d be too soon. Sheesh, Ye. What’s your obsession? I’m halfway joking, because it’s halfway fire.

Overall, it’s hard to say. Who knows if these are final? From what I’ve heard, it’s another mixed bag Kanye album. He’s got so many “Ye’s” at this point, and I don’t think he knows which to let dominate. I really believe it’s a day by day thing. He wakes up this day, this Ye; Then wakes up that way, that Ye. I think if he has a solid direction and sound, he’d make a masterpiece no matter what. The talent is still there. He may be better than ever. It’s just, you know…Ye.

Best Song: Jail

Worst Song: Moon

G-HOLY, 2021