The Moonman returns with an intergalactic conclusion to his long awaited trilogy Man On The Moon III: The Chosen

Mr. Rager, Mr. Solo Dolo, Scott Mescudi better known as Kid Cudi has made his triumphant return with the long awaited conclusion to his album trilogy “Man On The Moon” with “Man On The Moon III: The Chosen”. It’s been a decade since we’ve heard Cudi use this naming convention;prior to his recent release where he really cemented himself as a pioneer of melodic singing mixed with vulnerable rap lyrics and orchestral production. 

While doing four solo projects and two collabs in between it was definitely a surprise to see Cudi comeback so strongly with this record. The album’s release was announced in the form of a teaser video in late October via Cudi’s Twitter.

Kid Cudi finds himself in this new headspace as expressed in an interview he did with Zane Lowe where he speaks on creating the new album and the impact of his father’s death,family life in addition to the mass amount of personal growth from himself. Since the album’s been out the numbers show that the Cudi fans were all over with a cool 148k in first week sales along with a dope merch collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market to roll out alongside the album.

After a few listens and a look at the numbers it’s clear why Kid Cudi is a legend in the game. Through all his ups and downs, Cudi lays it all out for the fans to see his journey and him coming out on the other side a new man.

With the great reception of the album Cudder confirms via twitter that there will be a deluxe version in addition to a new album titled “Enter Galactic” set to release some time in 2021. Cudi’s return to the music scene has really been a positive light; from his collaborative album with Kanye West “KIDS SEE GHOST” and his collab song with Travis $cott “The Scotts”, it’s nice to see Kid Cudi in a nice mental space where he can continue to impact the game, create music that he loves and the world can enjoy.