1. Cole Bennett

Cole Bennett has been on a tear for a while. Everytime you go “Wow, that was refreshing” after watching a music video, it just happens to be Cole Bennett. Someone in the comments said “He can just start directing movies, at this point“. Visually, I agree.

2. Features

21 Savage and G Herbo are 2 of the most consistent rappers on Earth. Lil Durk has been unstoppable, as of late. I’m confident all of these artists would have made this song a single, had Wick introduced it as a reference. It would seem “the internet” is finally coming around to G Herbo. I think it’s safe to say, general consensus has him chosen as the standout. Check out our article on G Herbo’s 2021 MVP candidacy.

3. Lyrical Lemonade

We’re unaware of the exact arrangement LL works out between artists and directors, but one thing is for sure: The budget for misc videos is unlimited over there. Check out the special effects from Pooh Sheisty and G Herbo’s banger “Switch It Up“, produced by Lemonade.

4. Casting

This is quite different from “features”. Casting is about fitting the role, more than playing the part. The “Who Want Smoke” Remix cast is Drill Rap supreme. It would seem they live their lives by this motto.

5. 21 Savage’s Celine Skully

100% saw Westside Gunn do it first, for the cover of HWH8 Side B. With that out of the way, it just pops visually, simply put. Also, 21 raps in this nasaly voice that sounds like his nose is covered anyway. You’ll get a kick out of it everytime. It’s just entertaining.

6. Color Coreection

All filmmakers are gonna feel this one: The color correction is FLAWLESS for “Who Want Smoke”. It’s Hollywood-level CC. When Herb goes into the “warm” room from the “cold” hallway and double back…ahhh. Perfect.

Watch the full “Who Want Smoke” Remix Music Video Below, starring Nardo Wick as Newcomer Nardo. Co-Starring Lil Durk as Shhh Smurk. 21 Savage as Nasaly Shawty. G Herbo as The Raq Finisher:


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