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A highlight for those doing “the work” in a particular area, field, or community to help ascend other.
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Is DMT Building Reality? Let’s Explore…

DMT may be a part of what makes us believe in this reality? Looks like it…
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2 Chainz: Mushroom Use Advocate? [Psilocybin]

2 Chainz takes psychedelics in his new music video, possibly advocating for psychedelic use…

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A Look At NLE Choppa’s New Single “Bryson”

NLE Choppa shows off his full transformation in New music video for “Bryson”.

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The Truth Behind “The Truman Show”

This clip is a breakdown of the now cult classic “The Truman Show” starring Jim Carrey. In short, the movie is about a guy who was born, and lived his life on TV 24/7. Melissa narrates a deeper meaning…