NLE Choppa has made strides spiritually. We’ve watched him find ways to convey his newfound lifestyle over the last several month’s. The first time we ( tuned into ‘Choppa’, it was in association with Steve Stoute’s new distribution company, United Master’s. The Memphis, TN rapper opted to go straight distro over signing with a major, or independent.

Lately though, he’s been noted more for his growth. Vowing to no longer rap about his former lifestyle or glorify ungodly the aspects of life. He’s since seen his image shift from a gun-toting youth to an enlightened young man. NLE Choppa has become an inspiration to those on a spiritual journey and path. At only 18, he’s made a full transition from “Shotta Flow” to “Bryson”, as T.I. would say, Expeditiously.

G-HOLY posted about having a similar experience to NLE Choppa as a man & musician.

Watch NLE Choppa‘s New Single and Music Video “Bryson”