The Truth Behind “The Truman Show”

Melissa & Aaron Dykes are former employees of Alex Jones’ InfoWars. A show that focused on exposing the “Deep State” and government implemented psyops. Leaving in 2014, they put their efforts in Truthstream Media, a site and YouTube channel along similar lines. Truthstream though, produces documentaries, mini-docs, and clips that have not only information but thematic value.

The clip below actually dropped 2 months prior to the date of this post. We came across it late, even though we are subscribed. As you may know or have experienced, YouTube is is doing pretty much whatever they want with peoples algorithms. There’s even been reports of channels unsubscribing with account holders having no recollection of said action. These days, you’re probably better off following your favorite vloggers away from social media, to be safe. Their whole entire profiles may dissappear one day for next to nothing. Anyway…

The clip below is a breakdown of the now cult classic “The Truman Show” starring Jim Carrey. In short, the movie is about a guy who was born, and lived his life on TV 24/7. Everything in and about his life is under the control of the show’s producers. He has no idea he is the star of this hit TV show…On the surface. Melissa narrates a deeper meaning:

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PS: Interestingly enough, Jim Carrey has since found his own path to enlightenment and left the “Truman Show”. Hmmm…

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