The Black Rob Essentials

News, scandals, drama, Tik Tok. So much goes on in 2021. If you don’t slow your mind down, and focus, you’ll get caught up in the sweep. In that sweep, legendary rappers are not exempt.

DMX passed, and the talk turned from his death, to why he wasn’t appreciated while he was here. In actually, we did. There was a VERZUZ with Snoop Dogg, a Drink Champs appearance & talks of a new album floating about the interwebs.

With so much fluff, even the flowers given get blown in the wind.

Either way, G-HOLY.COM has and will be more conscious of propping up our legends while in the flesh. This site was somewhat predicated on that principle. With that being saidBlack Rob.

Bad Boy’s run is underrated. The average rap fan thinks of Craig Mack & Biggie circa ’93, up until Ma$e left in ’99. They completely forget the ’99 to ’03 run, that included Diddy, Black Rob, Mark Curry, Loon, some R&B acts and more. Diddy went on a feature SPREE, and Black Rob was his main pen, including album material. Rob also dropped the ROOMSHAKER, “Whoa”. G-Dep dropped “Let’s Get It” & “Special Delivery” along with a stellar album.



To understand the impact of “WHOA”, you’d have to get that Tunnel energy, and the feel of NY in the late 90’s, early 00’s. This song and beat captured the feel of New York City at the time in a way no other did. This was the biggest statement for Bad Boy since Ma$e turned pastor, at the time. The video, and Diddy are noticeably less shiny and more gritty than Bad Boy’s 1997 visuals. Timbaland’s in abundance. Thank Rob.


This was the mixtape standout from the album. Jadakiss, in his VERZUZ with Fabolous stated that it was originally a LOX track. This may be true, but BR was the standout on this track. His verse sounds tailor-made for this CLASSIC Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie instrumental. He bigged up cats in the New York Street life in the most vivid way possible. “I swear to God, if I don’t make it rappin’/ I’m clappin’, extortin’ and robbin’ niggas cribs, and carjackin’


The most memorable line on the ENTIRE 1997 Puff Daddy & The Family album is “Ran outta ammo, started throwin’ bottles“. I’m pretty sure Rob penned Diddy’s verse, also. It could’ve been Mase or a host of others, but it sounds like Rob. You can picture everything being said with no effort. It’s more like a 60’s movie, honestly, than a song.


Amongst Ma$e, a young hungry DMX, and The LOX, Black Rob held his own. Everybody was on FIRE. If you’ve ever been in a Cypher with rappers that are NICE, you get the pressure it brings to roam with giants. Rob went in. “F*ck around and sniff a ounce of raw/ Buss the .44/ Pull out my d*ck, and take a piss on the floor


Almost caught a “buck 50” for f*ckin’ a Latin King’s queen“. G Dep set it right off, with 3 verses. Next, Diddy sounded tore it down. Somehow, Black Rob ripped what was left of this track after 4 verses.


“D-Dot” laced it, simply. Bad Boy executive Harvey Pierre comes through with his alter ego, Joe Hooker. Rob sends it home, with solid verses. Also, check their other collab “You Don’t Know Me”. Almost just as good.


Black Rob’s Life Story…Nuff Said.


A personal favorite. I love Black Rob and G. Dep together. They could’ve definitely been a group. In an interview with GullyTV, Rob revealed he brought Dep to the label straight from the block. He’s also stated recently, if he could do it again, G Dep would be his artist, and they’d go to another label.


G-HOLY.COM, 2021