Long gone are the days when aspiring new artists had to rely on getting their music into the hands of record executives or DJ’s in order to get heard and kick start their career. Thanks to the internet and social media platforms, people around the world are more connected than they have ever been and artists are finding innovative ways to use that level of connectivity to their advantage when promoting their work. There is no question that social media is the number one tool for artists promoting their music and reaching the widest audience possible.


Though it is easier for young artists to publish and get their music heard today than it ever has been, the vast world of social media can be extremely intimidating and difficult to navigate. Luckily, there is a new platform called Breakr, that helps facilitate connections between young artists wanting to get their music heard and influencers who have the ability to promote that music. 


Breakr essentially acts as a middle man, connecting artists and influencers in order to break new music. As stated on their website, Breakr’s goal is to eliminate the need for “cold emails, unseen DM’s, or comment spam,” all of which are irritating strategies used by young artists in attempts to reach wider audiences. 


Triller's Josh Richards Invests in Breakr App | Billboard


In order to sign up for Breakr, artists create profiles and cultivate “digital campaigns” that feature their original music. Once they post their campaigns on the site they are visible to influencers and DJ’s who are also part of the Breakr community. As influencers and DJ’s sort through the various digital campaigns on the platform they can hear samples of the artists that are trying to get their music heard. If and when they hear something they like, they connect directly with the artist through Breakr and establish working relationships with those artists. What essentially happens is the creation of a symbiotic relationship between artist and influencer. Influencers use their reach to support aspiring artists that they truly support and they get paid to do so, while artists obviously get the exposure that they need in order to kickstart their careers.


Though Breakr is still in its early stages as a platform and site, it has already received cosigns from various artists, most notably from Houston rapper, Tobe Nwigwe. Having come up in the age of social media, Nwigwe understands the importance of using social media platforms in order to promote music, explaining that the number one place new artists and new music break nowadays is on social media. With notoriety and experience in the music industry, Nwigwe brings a level of status and credibility to Breakr that it lacked before. 



Undoubtedly an innovative if not brilliant new option for young and aspiring artists, Breakr is providing a simple yet effective way for artists and influencers to connect, while both receive benefits. The music industry is in a state of extreme transition, as record labels and artists must continue to evolve and adjust in order to stay afloat. With a focus on connections between artists and influencers across multiple platforms, Breakr could be a game changer for years to come.

G-HOLY.COM, 2021.