Young Dolph recently made an appearance on “Million Dollars Worth Of Game” Podcast headed by Gillie Da Kid (King) & Wallo267. On it, he spoke about how REAL independent artists can, and do have success. He even gets into exact numbers you’d need to push a single song to success.

A while back, we (G-HOLY.Com) wrote an article on the levels of independent artists, and we listed Dolph as a “True” Independent along with Troy Ave. There is a big difference between signing to an independent label, and being signed to your OWN indie label. That means your company is shelling out all of the money, taking all of the risks and seeing most of the profit.

In the hour long interview, Dolph spoke on actually signing a major contract for 22 MILLION dollars, and later reniging the deal through his lawyer. He also detailed his current $100K fan giveaway, broken down to 4 lucky fans recieving $25,000 a piece. Check out the clip below, and let us know what you think. Is there an artist more independent than Young Dolph?:


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