NOTE: Payola” is a term coined to describe the shady dealings of record companies paying to have their artist(s) songs played at radio. Station have been fined and have payed out millions over the years for these events.

Tony The Closer, formerly of Million Dollaz Worth Of Game Podcast, has come forward exposing MDWOG’s business practices. Long story medium, Tony introduced hosts Gillie Da King & Wallo267 to Him500 in hopes that Him would land as a guest.

Him500, a “financial literacy expert”, was then charged $50,000 by MDWOG and appeared on the show. Apparently, Tony was cut out of the 50K and MDWOG started a whole segment based on the episode. Presumably, charging other “business men” to board the platform.

Gillie and Wallo set the stage in Him’s episode by claiming that Him500 secured a spot as a guest because they were impressed by his business acumen. No mention of the 50K (Him500 has confirmed he did pay), just a hard co-sign.

It should be noted, Him500 has appeared on popular financial-based podcast Earn Your Leisure, as well. With his track record and willingness to pay premium for exposure, it raises some eyebrows.

The streets are saying this business practice is unethical. What do you think?

Watch the YouTube clip below for FULL breakdown:


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