There was ‘Children Of The Corn‘ Cam, a group comprised of he, Big L, Mase and Cam’s late cousin, Bloodshed. Once was a Cam’ron who was on his way to being signed as an act one of the greatest Emcee’s of all-time, The Notorious B.I.G. There was “Mase‘s man” Cam, who would get mentioned in raps by Betha and be seen with the fellow Harlemite. Then, was a solo act Cam’ron signed to Biggie’s homie, Lance “Un” Rivera‘s ‘Untertainment’ imprint, who’s second album was shelved.

Along came a revitalized Killa, who reshaped the definition of a “mixtape” (along with Philly’s ‘Major Figgas‘), before other rapper’s like 50 Cent would come through the same formula. Rocafella Cam saw a platinum album, and finally the success his talent deserved along with a strong presence from his DipSet crew set off by Mr. Giles. On to “Where is Cam’ron?” Cam, who disappeared shortly after a beef with 50, seemingly leaving ‘The Dips’ to fend for themselves.

Cam’ron would re-emerge with a new group ‘U.N’, and star player Vado, who would BODY a string of mixtapes with Killa. We’ll call him “Datpiff Cam“. Nowadays we observe “Business Cam”. Not that ‘Flee’ wasn’t always a business man, but the “Pink Panther” is capitalizing from his image and likeness like we’ve never seen before. A quick look at his IG will show you new DipSet and Cam pieces in the form of merch, that seemingly does really well if we’re going off the comment section.

Cam’ron seems to have lived many lifetime’s in this game, and no matter the version, a few things remained constant. His fly, his pen, his tenacity and his ability to reinvent have NEVER been in question. He’s the textbook definition of a Hip-Hop Pioneer! With that being said, here is a Killa Cam JAM SESSION with some CLASSIC music videos and moments from every “Cam”.




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