Oschino headed up to Dame Dash‘s “Dame Dash Studios” for episode three of Vasquez’ podcast, “DEEPER THAN RAP”. The two admitted friends sat down and chopped it up about numerous topics and subjects.

‘O’ had an array of queries for Dash from fans of the show, who posed questions in a poll on Oschino’s social media, prior to the interview. Towards the end of part 3 of the sit down, the ‘State Property‘ rapper asked Damon if he’d ever work with or mend his relationship with Jay Z. According to Vasquez, 60% of the fans from the aforementioned poll chose Jigga for him to ask the former Rocafella CEO about. Dash’s response was:

The real answer is if I’m in the mood. I gotta be in the mood. You know I’m having so much fun with my future, I don’t  feel like sometimes revisiting my past, that I didn’t enjoy so much. So I know it would make other people happy…If there’s an offer made that I can’t refuse, then it’s business.

There were other, more lighthearted moments during the 3-part upload. Like Dame Dash attempting to name his top five rappers of all-time, ultimately landing on the side of every era having its greats. Mr. Dash also spoke on Black economics & social programming, stating “We’re programmed to fight each other to survive. We ain’t even fighting our oppressor to survive.

Since the untimely passing of his son, Oschino has been outspoken about how he’s turning a negative into a positive, by living for his son’s honor rather than going off the rails. In that attempt, his first interview for “DEEPER THAN RAP” was none other than Beanie Sigel, who ‘O’ had been enthralled in a beef with for the past few years. The two sat down and the city of Philadelphia rejoiced, responding with around 400K YouTube views in just 3 weeks, with majority positive comments of the reunion. ‘O’ then sat down with Freeway for episode 2.

Dame Dash recently relaunched his “Dame Dash Studios” on February 11th of 2021, his 24-hour programming model still intact. Recently, he hit Clubhouse to speak on the relaunch when Tiffany Haddish popped in. After some praises and banter, the two agreed that they’d work together for Tiffany’s independent plans on the network.

Peep parts one, two and three of Oschino’s DEEPER THAN RAP podcast, episode 3 with Dame Dash, in succession below:

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