Griselda Records’ member Benny The Butcher has dropped off a new single. The track, entitled “Thanksgiving”, gives fans a sneak peak into the creative direction of The Plugs I Met 2–the highly anticipated follow up to the critically lauded The Plugs I Met. “Thanksgiving” sees Benny spitting over a grimy Harry Fraud produced beat. Fraud is set to handle all of the production on Benny’s follow up project–something that will set The Plugs I Met 2 apart from its predecessor. Considering there were an array of producers featured on the first installment.

Benny opens up this new single by giving himself credit for the nature of his hustle: “You anything like me, them hand to hand sales made you (Uh-huh)/I’m one of them hustlers you gotta tell thank you (Say thank you)/Got advice from my dawg, I accept it ’cause it’s love/He said, ‘We did the work, you givin’ too much credit to the plug’ (What you mean?)”. He continues with this theme on the chorus, giving himself his flowers and letting the opps know they should do the same: “You should thank me, nigga (Y’all niggas can’t tell me what I should do, ah)/Tell me thank you (Just think)/Y’all niggas should tell me thank you (I gave y’all niggas something to watch, something to look forward to)”. 

The Plugs I Met 2 will be Benny’s first solo outing since his 2020 project Burden of Proof. The Buffalo, NY native recently gave fans some insight into the similiar recording processes of each project: “I recorded both projects at the same time, so it’s the same headspace; but a different energy”. If “Thanksgiving” is indicative of anything, it’s that Benny The Butcher’s new project will deliver on the hype. Look out for the project to drop on March 19th of this year. 


Check out Benny the Butcher’s new single “Thanksgiving” in the Spotify link below:

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