MF DOOM’s estate is holding an NFT auction with the tech company Illust Space. NFTs are a form of cryptocurrency that are currently booming in the music industry. They are essentially an entirely unique token of ownership for any digital item. DOOM had been utilizing the currency since October of last year–holding a fall auction with Illust Space that closed a day before his passing on October 31, 2020. Starting today at 4PM PST, fans of the legendary rapper can head over to Illust Space and bid on all sorts of augmented reality NFT masks signed by DOOM himself.

MF DOOM’s posthumous NFT auction is said to have between $15,000 and $75,000 worth of items. It is reported that 10% of the total sales will go to the MF DOOM estate to support his family and future creative endeavours. This collaboration with Illust Space was one of the last collaborations that the London born rapper had orchestrated before his passing. He had always been ahead of the curve on the music-branding front and this endeavor into cryptocurrency is no different. 

MF DOOM will forever be remembered as one of the greatest emcees to ever grace a mic. He had an uncannily unique ear for puzzling rhyme schemes that always left his listeners in awe. Over the course of his career, DOOM blessed the world of hip-hop with classic projects like Madvillainy, MM.. FOOD, and Operation: Doomsday. He is a staple of underground Hip-Hop and has influenced an entire generation of artists working today. Head over to Illust Space’s website to check out the posthumous auction for the legendary MF DOOM. What better way to remember the hip-hop legend than a wholly unique signed digital artifact.

G-HOLY.COM, 2021.