After 2020’s ‘No One Mourns The Wicked‘, Conway The Machine and Big Ghost LTD are back with another collab album, ‘If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed‘ (February 5th, 2021). Available via Big Ghost’s Bandcamp, the 10-track album is his 21st upload to the popular indie music site.

Conway appeared on the Joe Budden podcast recently, and discussed rumors of him leaving Griselda Records, stating “Griselda is forever“. After explaining his plans to expand his portfolio to executive with his Drumwork label and beyond, he admittedly said “How we came through, that energy ain’t the same no more“. That statement was speaking more to HOW they move around, in comparison to when they came in the game, but still interesting nontheless, to even hear those words from ‘The Machine’.

In 2020, Big Ghost LTD releases several projects with the same release strategy. Those projects were later uploaded for streaming sites. Many indie artists with decent fan bases are opting for the “straight to consumer” motto, often citing it as more lucrative monetarily. Even if it sells less, or less impactful, the purchase of a CD or download is exponentially more profitable than a listen via dsp’s or view on YouTube.

You can check out the last project from Big Ghost and The Machine “No One Mourns The Wicked” on Spotify below:

Conway recently appeared on a N.O.R.E single with Method Man titled “Outta Line”. Peep the YouTube clip video below: