Love & Culture, a CoupleCast episode 8 is here! Below is a breakdown of things Yasin Toure‘ (Afrikan Jawn) & G-HOLY spoke on in the episode. Full Ep at the bottom of this page.


1. DONDA Vs CLBCertified Lover Boy and DONDA have both dropped. Is there a real comparison?

2. Most Influential Rappers – Out of Yeezy & Champagne, who’s the most influential? Also, G-HOLY names his top 5 most influential of all-time.

3. Ja Rule VERZUZ Fat Joe Predictions – Fat Joe and Ja Rule are set to square-off in the latest edition of Timbo & Swizz‘s VERZUZ. Who will come out on top?

4. Oral Quarrel – A grown-up conversation about what is “required” with your partner. What that mouth do?

5. Posting Your Partner On Socials – G-HOLY & Yasin Toure talk what it means when you show the world who you’re dating, good and bad.

6. Business-Ship – Advice from the CoupleCast on the art of business in relationships. How to use each other, in a good way.

7. Who Is Your Comfort Artist? – What artist do you go to when the life becomes too much?

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