With all of the opinionated Youtubers, secretly paid seemingly organic content, and fluff in general, it can be a bit daunting to figure out who’s the real. Below, we have our top Hip-Hop Journalists from late December 2020 to now (July 24). This is our mid-year list for “Top Hip-Hop Journalists,”…


Drink Champs has covered the culture like no other this year. Some of the reveals that happened on this show were unbelievable! From Cam’ron (who does virtually no interviews) unveiling a hilarious Lawrence Fishburne story, to MC Serch breaking down how Nas gets paid off Reasonable Doubt. They also had arguably the #1 moment in Hip-Hop this year: The DMX interview. FLOWERS.

Brian “B.Dot” Miller

B.Dot really broke out of the Elliot Wilson and Rap Radar shadow, branding himself as the go-to guy for authentic Hip-Hop journalism. He came into the year blazing, with the Russ “poolside interview”. He went on to drop the now-infamous, viral Top 10 emcees list. Also, his new show Brackets is one of the most original concepts we’ve seen this year. THE COME UP.

DJ Akademiks

AK has had nearly every news story first this year. He is the insider’s insider. He almost goes viral on a daily bases via screen recorded Twitch live moments. Since his tenure at Everyday Struggle ended in late 2020, Lil AK has been doubling down on his own content. His “beefs” are wildly entertaining, his audience is massive and his realness is unmatched. GO AK.

Trap Lore Ross

TLR went into the underbelly of Hip-Hop to uncover some of the culture’s most overlooked stories. His research has is A1, his approach is compelling, and his storytelling is remarkable. His work on the Brooklyn Drill scene, as well as Jacksonville‘s rap-related war are award-worthy. Ross’ breakdown of the Joe Budden debacle took the cake. It was basically the official unofficial Joe Budden documentary. BOOM.

B High ATL

B High has a knack for pulling people our of the cut! Wendy Day, Jody Breeze, La Chat… all people you never see anywhere these days. B High is flat one of the best interviewers modern day Hip-Hop has. His style is unique, engaging & he asks all the right questions. ATL SHAWTY.


G-HOLY.COM, 2021