Let’s be clear: This was always a thing, but since Lil Kim said from her own mouth that Nicki Minaj is who she’d compete with is a Verzuz, things have kicked up. The hype hasn’t subsided, as of yet.

Some people say the “generational gap” is too wide and their fan bases are too loyal. Some say Lil Kim’s era and affiliations (B.I.G, Diddy etc.) are too much for Onika to handle. Some say Minaj has too many hit records for Queen B to stand against.

Either way, this is THEE most interesting fantasy match-up out there. Not to mention, if it goes down will top every Verzuz we’ve seen, respectfully.

Here are 20 songs (each, 40 total) played in succession back to back from our competitors. Nicki leads the first 10 rounds, while Kim does the latter. Let’s play ball:

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