Kimmie Blanco bka Lil Kim is a staple (possibly THEE staple) in Hip-Hop for female dominance. The only female rapper to receive a 5-mic rating in The Source. The Queen Bee started out on the dream team (though never signed to Bad Boy), but even when everyone departed, she still stood.

We’ve watched Kim go through multiple phases, but that’s to be expected when you’ve been in the public eye for over 25 years. All-in-all, she is the modern day femcee blueprint. You can find her DNA in the majority of “rap chicks” to this very today. To celebrate QB, here are 5 times Lil Kim has obliterated everyone on a track:

1. Crush On You (Remix)

“Crush On You” was originally a Lil Kim, Lil Cease duet but landed as a solo Cease record on Lil Kim’s debut LP, Hard Core. “Crush On You (Remix)” featured our girl Kim, and boy did she steal the show. Hard to imagine the song, and especially the video taking off without her and her iconic colorful wigs (Kim did it 1st).


You want a cheap chick?/Better go down to Freaknik

2. All About The Benjamin’s (Remix)

Benjamin’s is for sure on the Mt. Rushmore of rap songs. The wild part is it barely has a hook. This wasn’t your typical 80s sample, smooth Bad Boy formula. They went all out, but one stood a level above the rest (maybe sans B.I.G). QB comes off totally different from her coharts. Even the “ugh’s” before the verse starts are epic. A great indicator of what was to come. The Bee got BUSY.


Only female in my crew/And I kick sh*t like a n*gga do/Pull a trigger, too

3. Quiet Storm (Remix)

Kim kicked ass over Havoc production. As with many Kim features, the original was FIRE. Lil Kim just took the track to another level with here voice, alone. Nevermind her standout verse and video performance. She turned an underground bound favorite to a hit record, that still was grimey enough for The Tunnel.


B*tches suck cock, just to get to the top/I put 100% in every line I drop

4. Get Money

I’ll just call this one a tie, but a tie with The Notorious B.I.G is a WIN. You can add “Player’s Anthem” as a tie, too.


Pull out ya 9/ I’ll just cock on mine

5. Play Around

To tell the truth, Kim’s verse here wasn’t mind-blowing. Lil Cease may have been better, lyrically. This is when you really get to see her classic delivery come into play. The way that she abruptly disrupts the hook with an off-kilter start is one of the best you’ll ever hear. Lil Kim’s star power can never be overstated!


Fuck all you hoes, I blows like flutes/B*tches don’t shake my hand, they salute


G-HOLY.COM, 2021.