Young M.A has taken her talents to “Brooklyn Drill” with her new release “Off the Yak”. The King’s County native hopped on a track that mirrors the current wave, and does her usual M.A update through song. Familiar (to fans) faces can be seen huddled around while ‘YM.A’ spits her verse on the ‘NY Bangers’ produced cut.

Queen of my city, I am a big deal/ It’s red life for life, but I f*ck wit’ the Rips, still/ Glock on my hip, still/ And when it come to this rap shit, I let my pen spill/ They know I been ill/

Amassing 100k views in 10 hours, it’s safe to say her fans are still tuned in. Since the success of 2016’s OOOUUU“, people may have been waiting for M.A to take that leap as a mainstream mainstay, but the female emcee has opted for independence, instead. Nothing has topped the success of her breakthrough single, however, she’s been consistent and her fans have grown more cult-like over the years.

“Niggas tried to say, aye bro, we need that old M.A back…Ok, f*ck you mean?

Fellow BK rapper Bobby Shmurda, who M.A was often compared to upon arrival, has a possible prison release coming this month (February 2021). Shmurda’s groupmate, Rowdy Rebel, was welcomed back to civilization in last month. Since then, he has gone on to work with Funk Flex on “Re-Route”, a single from Flex’ forthcoming album. Flex has previously released tracks with Fivio Foreign and the late King Von for the upcoming release. Rowdy also dropped a new track today, titled Jesse Owens“.

Check Out Young M.A “Off the Yak” official music video below, filmed by ShotByCisco:

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Comment your favorite Young M.A track, or moment. Were you a fan before 2016? Have you been in tune with YM.A?