The hype around Extinction Level Event 2: Wrath Of God continues to build ahead of it’s October 30th, 2020 release. ELE2 has had a hell of a rollout. The talk for the last 5+ years about a classic Busta album that he’s just had laying around. Thematic trailers, Chris Rock melody monologues and now a Kendrick Lamar spotting. Today (October 29th) The God Busta Rhymes released “Look Over Your Shoulder” featuring Kendrick Lamar and sampled vocals from a young Michael Jackson from The Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” (the producer hasn’t yet been revealed). ‘Look Over’ has all the ingredients to be a top-tier track and it delivers. Soulful sounds and a verse from both Busta and Kendrick that I’m pretty sure rap fans will dissect for at least the next couple days.

Who had the best verse? Check Out The Lyrics On and Comment below.

Listen and Watch the Busta Rhymes Featuring Kendrick Lamar “Look Over Your Shoulder” Lyric Video Here: