G-HOLY.COM caught up to Ohio native, Boogie Woods to discuss his new single “Shine”, as well as his trajectory. See what he had to say:

How did you get started? I first started writing music at the age of 11 and I recorded my first song in 8th grade; using [the] audacity [program] on the school computer in the back of my science class.

You seem to be a fashion guy. What’s your favorite brand right now? My favourite clothing brand right now is CVMBINO. They’re always on to what’s new and fresh and the quality of their pieces are high.

Name your biggest musical influence… My biggest influence is a 2 way tie between kendrick Lamar and Kanye West.

Describe your “come-up” so far… Since taking music serious at 14, it has been a slow steady climb until recent years. These past 2-3 years I’ve seen an insane amount of growth and I’m excited to see my numbers at the end of 2022. Despite my health complications in 2019, I’ve only seen myself become a stronger and more well-rounded as an artist.

What is the Hip-Hop scene like in Ohio? The hip-hop scene in Ohio is surprisingly large to those not from here. Our underground scene has always been very large and is just now starting to get its’ respect in recent years.

With that being said, what’s your biggest challenge as an artist? My biggest challenge as an artist has been staying consistent. when you’re doing this independent your funds aren’t as expendable to what it takes to stay as consistent as you want.

If you signed to a label today, do you prefer a big advance or creative control, if you could only have one? Creative control without a doubt! Don’t get me wrong, money is always a factor when you create art. But this is my outlet and I can’t see myself relinquishing my ability to create freely.

Describe your song making process… I always start with the beat. After I’ve found the beat I’m going to use I then work on building the melodies for the song. Once those two things are complete I then work on the theme of the song and the lyrics.

These past 2-3 years I’ve seen an insane amount of growth…

Who are your personal top 3 active rappers you’d like to collaborate with? I really enjoy listening to Don Toliver, Tory Lanez, and this upcoming artist out of Memphis named Dahzee and I’d kill for a feature from them.

What legacy will you leave? The legacy I will leave will be one of perseverance. people will look back on my life and career and see my never ending grit and hunger to always progress.

Plug your new single/project… My latest single “Shine” is out now on all platforms! If you’re going through something right now and [need] a new song in your playlist to help pull you through it and lift your spirits; then this is the song for you!


G-HOLY.COM, 2022.