BabySlits is a brand new face out of Syracuse, NY, looking to make his mark in the game. Let’s see what he’s about:

Tell me about your musical origins… I started making music when I used to freestyle at parties. My father got me into music at the age of 3. He used to dj. [If it] wasn’t for him, I wouldnt be doing music.

Describe your come-up so far… Ain’t no come up. I’m just getting started. You’re seeing the base; give me a year, I bet you youll see me, [I] promise.

What’s your biggest challenge as an artist, so sar? My biggest challenge is people you can trust especially in the music industry; you can’t. I guess not being able to make music with everybody that i want to. I dont write. I’m speratic. I’ll jot down a couple quick notes, but like the great jay Z, I have to recite it from the dome.

Put your style in words, if you can. My style [is] drip. [It’s a] mix of rage and core.

How is Syracuse Hip-Hop scene compared to NYC? Does not being from the city hold you back in any way? I moved from Syracuse last year to Florida for the reason that there’s not enough exposure up there. It’s a hole in the ground with alot of jealous people that know you from growing up; it’s a lot smaller. [There’s] less chance of great things happening.

Who’s your ideal label to ink to? F*ck any label. If I’m discussing signing, it’s for a large amount that I would have trouble making on my own and that’s it. [I’d] rather do what I want [and] post the music when I want! [I’ve] been gettin money, so I still do what I want.

Strong words. Lastly, what’s next for BabySlits? My new Project called Xtc coming out on spotify only 8 track mixtape June 1st 2022.


G-HOLY.COM, 2022.