The only daily Hip-Hop show on Earth, ‘Everyday Struggle’ hung it up. Today’s episode (December 17, 2020) marked the end of a 3+ year run just as this decade comes to a close.

DJ Akademiks, Joe Budden & Nadeska Alexis kicked the show off in April of 2017.

Joe catapulted his then “I’ll Name This Podcast Later“, along with his own profile after a Drake beef over his criticisms of his Drizzy’s fourth solo album, ‘Views’. DJ Akademiks made his infamous rise via YouTube, most notably covering Chicago rappers on his “War In Chiraq” series. Nadeska was best known from MTV2’s ‘Hottest MCs in the Game‘ annual list with Sway Calloway.

Budden left after 9 months, citing contract issues. After many auditions and guest hosts, they finally settled on Twitter-famous artist manager, Wayno. The trio would ride out the next 2.5 years as the whole of the on-screen collective. A DJ Akademiks rant on Twitch would cause a two-day suspension, and ultimately play a part in the shows demise. The details are muddy but from what we have, Complex demands control over it’s hosts outside of work the way that brands do with its endorsers. Seems AK wasn’t having that.

On the series finale, transparency was on the table more than its ever been. Nadeska revealed she and Joe split on bad terms, and still may be. Lil’ AK recalls thinking Joe was just joking when he called and said he’d left EDS. Wayno tells how he came to be on the show. Something he’d never planned on doing.

All-in-all, EDS filled a void. There was no commentary style Hip-Hop show to give takes on the culture 4-5 times a week. Through the great times, weird times, and unpopular times, ‘Everyday Struggle’ had really become the “First Take of Hip-Hop”. Will their be a program who can fills their spot? Who would it be? Wait, I think I have an idea for a new show.

You can watch the EDS Series Finale below??: