We sat down with Kapo The Goat

Ok. Let’s start here: What city are you from?

DeFuniak Springs, Florida.

Nice. How did you get started?

Since I was 3 years old I’ve watched music videos, MTV Cribs, reality tv shows, and celebrity interviews. Since then I’ve always wanted fame and fortune!

Interesting… Name your biggest influence…

My biggest influences are Michael Jackson and Future! They’re [actually] my only inspirations but I admire a lot of people.

With that being said; put your style in words, if you will…

Rare, Artistic, Dark, and Inspiring.

Describe your “Come-Up” so far…

I wouldn’t even say I’m on the come up. I felt successful after one person knew my song. The opportunity and the obstacles are a part of my success and happiness. To sum it all up, the come up is what I live for, not the endgame. I’m not working towards something: I’m just working.

What’s your biggest challenge as an artist?

My biggest challenge is staying humble , because as an underground artist I’m already being imitated by artist like Kodak Black, Lil Yachty , and Ugly God . They have became successful in their careers from stealing my art and using it as theirs. So it’s kind of hard for me to keep quiet about that, I just want some credit at the end of the day , not people calling me crazy.

Describe your songmaking process…

If I’m not sleep I’m always trying to come up with new songs. I get inspired by the tiniest things or experiences. So I’m more of a in the moment type of musician, rather than having a process.

What legacy will you leave?

The legacy that I will leave is an impactful and rebellious one. I’m showing people that an independent artist can have just as much fame and impact as an artist that’s signed to a major record label. And by watching me I will inspire not just my fans but the human race to make themselves into a corporation instead of just being a consumer of the environment.

Plug your new single/project…




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