Let’s Be Clear: All of these predictions are not only said in jest, but are projected from a current world standpoint. With new variants and regulations popping up daily, who knows how these issue will effect the world, let alone Hip-Hop…

…Some 2022 Hip-Hop Predictions

Kendrick Lamar Will Not Live Up To The Hype

Kendrick Lamar has never put out an album even close to mediocre. This is not a knock on K Dot, musically.

We used to live in a “microwave” world climate. Nowadays, the microwave is slow tech. Kendrick’s music doesn’t fall properly on fast ears. His sonics, poetic value and nuances need space to stretch before actual judgement.

It may be underestimated just how much the world has changed since his last full-length project, DAMN.

The last time we heard from Mr. Lamar, reality TV star Donald Trump was newly elected POTUS and Tik Tok was relatively unheard of!

Regardless of quality, there will at least be whispers that the album does not live up to expectations. Five minutes from its release, you’ll see these sentiments in comments.

Remember, Kendrick Lamar was always an acquired taste, so most of these opinions will be from people who don’t have a reverence for the Compton emcee.

Conway’s Album Will Be A Classic

From King To a God was supposedly recorded AFTER his upcoming major label debut, God Don’t Make Mistakes. Same for Look What I Became.

If this is true, Conway The Machine has been sitting on an ultra-classic for years now. Do you know how hard it is to hold music, as an artist? If he’s clinging to it, he knows its value and we trust his judgement.

Nas Doesn’t Drop KD3

This is especially said in jest. We know this will like happen, but damn… What have we done to deserve 4 Nas albums in 3 years? Nevermind the fact that they are amongst his best ever.

It’s the equivalent of if LeBron James played eight more years, declined for the first four and went 80-2 the last four years averaging new personal bests. It just doesn’t make any sense. We’ve never seen this in Rap history…

Physical Copies Make A Comeback


Tidal has just announced a free plan. We are officially in the streaming-only era. Fans will be looking for a break from the mundane 12AM on Friday, press play routine.

Maybe a new way breaks out to do physical, ala Kanye West’s DONDAStem player“. Could be the world suddenly breaks out the CD players. Possibly posters make a comeback. Who knows?

(Another thing that’s changed drastically since DAMN. Kendrick will sell nowhere near as many physical copies of the new project. Not without a focused effort.)



G-HOLY, 2021.