There are few better feelings in this world than a leisurely ride on a hot summer’s night.

Whether you are on your way to a show or a party, out for a sunset drive with a significant other, or even on a routine late night trip to the grocery store, the sensation that is brought on by being on the road in the night with the windows (and/or top) all the way down is other worldly. Feeling the hot summer breeze on your face is the icing on the cake to a perfect drive which often makes for a perfect night.


Now imagine you are living out this fantasy. Driving through the hills with a gorgeous view of the ocean to your right and the endless inspiration of the city lights to your left. The sky is full of stars and the moon is shining bright as you drive on with the window down and the tropical breeze brushes your ear. Shit, you might even stop, roll a blunt, and take in the beauty of the world around you for a minute. In that very moment you exist without a care in the world, in a state of pure bliss. Then your boy in the passenger seat takes the aux chord. Next thing you know, that new DJ Khaled is bumping through the stereo. Or Chance the Rapper’s “Hot Shower.” Or even worse, Macklemore. You tell him to turn that shit off, but it doesn’t matter, your night is already ruined. Suddenly those city lights aren’t so inspiring and the sky turns grey with clouds. You go home, sad and dejected, and you realize two things: the power of music has no limit, and the path to destruction is always more rapid than the path of creation.

Cars have always been an integral part of Hip-Hop culture. Not only are they used as symbols of wealth or on the flipside, the rejection of the mainstream culture’s infatuation with wealth by artists and cultural icons alike, but they also represent a sanctuary for the music. A safe place where fans can take in and digest the sounds that inspire them most in life. Oftentimes, people listen to the most music in their cars. Cars are so important, that even the legendary J Dilla would adjust his mixes to the stereo system in his ride. 


No car ride is complete without music, and as I’m sure everyone has experienced, that music choice has the ability to turn an awful day into a fantastic one, and vice versa. We don’t want any of our readers to have to endure an experience similar to the one described above, so we decided to curate a playlist that is perfect for any drive on a hot summer night. After a careful selection process and meticulous sequencing, we settled on fifteen of the best tracks to put you in a good mood and keep the vibes right whenever you decide to go for a late night summer drive.

G-HOLY.COM, 2021.