In the remix to Omeretta The Great‘s early 2022 release “Sorry Not Sorry“, Latto mentions Ludacris in the same sentence with “not Atlanta”. I mean, she literally says “Ludacris is not Atlanta”.

Upon first listen, this screams blasphemy to the highest degree. Latto, an Atlanta(-ish) upstart dissing Ludacris, an ATL icon and lyrical pioneer. For crying out loud, the man featured on the original “Welcome To Atlanta” with Jermaine Dupri; well over a decade before she’d come along via a JD produced show “The Rap Game”.

Upon further inspection, Big Latto’s sentiment was a bit satirical. She may have even rapped the lyrics in question form, even adding an ad-lib “trippin'”.

Either way, Ludacris has something to say about it:


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