It all started in 2016, when State Property‘s Oschino and Peedi Crakk went on a promotional tirade. They appeared on Drink Champs, The Breakfast Club and more outlets together. Well… not together.

Oschino’s main talking points included airing out his grievances with Beanie Sigel & other group members. Peedi was kind of just there for the ride; not on either side.

O would claim that he and Young Chris gave Beans bars for one of his Jadakiss diss tracks (a rumor that I’ve personally heard far before). The “Down Too Long” rapper has expressed his deep reverence for Jadakiss based on a relationship they developed before he eventually landed at Rocafella Records.

Peedi himself would go on to declare this to be truth on a Doggie Diamonds TV interview, while Chris of the Young Gunz has never spoken on the rumor to date (to our knowledge).

J-Hood recently started his Tales From The Hood series on YouTube, detailing past stories and telling new ones. In his episode timelining the State Property’s versus D-Block beef, he revealed that a few lines that he suggested to Jadakiss made its way onto a diss track aimed at Beanie Sigel. Hood would not feature on the song, but allegedly his words would.

All of this has culminated in the legendary battle potentially looking a little different in hindsight.

If what J-Hood and Oschino are claiming is true, how do you feel? G-HOLY gives his take below:


J-HOOD chimed in with a few words & G-HOLY responded:

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