Over the weekend, we caught up with Nick Bravo to discuss his new single “P.C.P“, his influences & how he creates. Interview below:

Nick, let’s get started. Where are you from, for the people who don’t know?

I’m from Los Angeles. I started writing at 19 years old and got with a producer who developed me.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Eminem, Tupac, Dre & NF.

..and how would you describe your style?

Not sure. I utilize a lot of cinematic tracks like NF but heavily focus on the message. I can rap different cadences but my focus isn’t to impress other Hip-Hop artists but to get a message across clear and concise.

Not trying to be a rapper’s rapper. That’s interesting.. what’s your come-up been like this far?

Well, music is simply 1 of my skillsets. I’m heavily into film as well, which I utilize [music with film]. I won an award from the Mayor of Los Angeles and the White House for the work I did in the Juvenile halls bringing inspirational faith based content to the youth who [need to] hear it the most.

I recently had my first TEDx talk where I opened up my talk with live Hip-Hop. I am working on a larger scale short film/ music video with a former NFL Executive where I am story telling through Hip-Hop. It’s a $60k project and will be submitted to film festivals when completed. We already have initial seed funding and access to a helicopter for this project.

Congrats on that! What’s been your biggest challenge thus far?

My biggest challenge is distribution at the moment.

That’s commonplace right now.. Let me ask you this: what’s your songmaking process like?

I typically listen to tracks and only write when I get inspired. I usually go through 3-4 drafts and don’t settle until the track is exactly how I want it. I have a high standard for lyrical excellence.

Well said. What’s your legacy play in this game?

My #1 goal is not to be known but to make an impact with the content I create. I want my music to love people, to make people feel something; to motivate and elevate people’s minds and souls. I feel that the gift I have been given is from God for God’s purposes.

Plug your latest music:

Here’s my most recent project P.C.P.:


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