Poison Flux ‘Resiliency’ Album Review

Canadian-born producer, Poizion Flux released a 25-track album, Resiliency featuring a myriad of emcees & vocalists. How’s it sounding?:

Resiliency is a Rap-driven album with Pop & Electronic influences. There’s so many sounds, messages and artists that is tough to create a narrative around the sounds. So, what we’ll do is highlight the best & worst of Resiliency.

Never Love At All” is possibly the clearest standout: an uptempo Pop bop with a made-for-radio chorus and straight forward rhymes on love and love lost. It’s reminiscent of the post-Notorious B.I.G Bad Boy Records sound. The drums are a little less Hip-Hop but you’re almost waiting to hear Ma$e jump in at anytime.

Mr. Goodbarz, Resiliency’s most frequent collaborator, shines on “Glory“. Everything about this track is made for sync opportunities via video games and sports docs etc. It’s a motivational “wake up” song that’s heavily sports themed. With the driving melody, bass and anxious drums, you’re sure to hit a new level in the gym with “Glory” in your earphones.

An unnamed female rapper steals the show on “Creepin“. Her tone is perfect for the half-playful instrumental. Here’s a testament to the core of Resiliency’s sonic messaging: the aforementioned track could have easily been a downtrodden drag, given the subject matter. Instead we’re almost dancing to a song about cheating and hurt. The tone of the hook is “giving” Kevin Gates at his best. Most relatable song here.

If Kid Cudi had any music that wasn’t dreary, he’d make “Miserably Lately“. It’s more parade than rave, but works in both along with the club. A highly reverbed, blown out sing-song hook leads the way while a “drop the beat” outro adds the cherry on top. The lyrics are solid but it most definitely didn’t have to be. It’s the type of song where the verses just serve as bridges back to the part we’re all going to sing.

Stand By Me” is the last highlight, in chronological order. It’s here because Ben E. King‘s 1962 original has been flipped so many times, it’s difficult to make anything out of it anymore but these two vocalists found a way. The beat definitely has a weird 3.5 bar loop that will take some getting used to but beautiful nonetheless.

Low lights include: “Can’t Phase Me (Remix)“. It suffers from the same non-traditional loop and kills an otherwise cool song with great verses from Dogman Rukus. “Summer Nights” is bad. It’s just extremely, extremely generic. It’s almost like those old Soundclick beats with the built-in choruses. “Never Letting Go” lives in the “corny Hip-Hop” spectrum, to no fault of feature emcee, Feez. The instrumental is just built for a show to be packed with nerds. Not the cool kind.

Hold Me Down” isn’t as much of a misstep as it is misplaced. There’s at least 2 other records likely better suited as an “intro”.

Overall, Poizion Flux’s Resiliency does great for a 1:14:41 listen because it may not be meant to be digested in totality everytime. It’s superpower is range. You’ll find a song or two for various situations and moods and in that way, it’ll live a long time.


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