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Busta Rhymes snatches up Kendrick Lamar for “Look Over Your Shoulder”

Busta Rhymes let’s off the first shot in the “Extinction Level Event” with Kendrick Lamar as his accomplice on new single “Look Over Your Shoulder”.

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Sheek Louch ‘Beast Mode 4’ Album Review

Sheek Louch pops out with ‘Beast Mode 4’. Not highly-anticipated, but greatly appreciated.

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Verzuz Season 2: T.I. Vs Jeezy in November

Battle For Atlanta! T.I. “Verzuz” Jeezy Announced. November date set. Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

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Where TF is Drake, J. Cole or Kendrick???

It’s November, 2020. Where TF are these albums from Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J. Cole???

memphis bleek top 9 underrated albums
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TOP 9 Underrated/Overlooked Rap Albums; G-HOLY

A look into some of the greatest rap albums that have been overlooked and/or underrated. A MUST-READ.

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‘The Real’ Benny The Butcher “Burden Of Proof” Review

6.5 This album is too anticipated to say anything outside of the… Read More… ‘The Real’ Benny The Butcher “Burden Of Proof” Review

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The Truth Behind “The Truman Show”

This clip is a breakdown of the now cult classic “The Truman Show” starring Jim Carrey. In short, the movie is about a guy who was born, and lived his life on TV 24/7. Melissa narrates a deeper meaning…

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T.I. The L.I.B.R.A First Listen [Real-Time] Review

G-HOLY chimes in with a “First Listen Review” of The L.I.B.R.A, new album from T.I! On this album…

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Benny The Butcher Releases “Legend” from ‘Burden’

Benny The Butcher drops music video for “Legend” from the forthcoming album ‘Burden Of Proof’. This, just hours ahead of the 10/16 release….